M I D D L E  S C H O O L  C O U R S E S



6th grade: Life Science

Life Science is the study of all living organisms. We will learn about microorganisms, plants, animals and human beings.


7th grade: Earth Science

Earth Science is the study of the planet Earth. We will learn about the atmosphere, oceans, biosphere and solid earth.


8th grade: Physical Science

Physical Science is the study of physics and chemistry of nature. We will be learning about force, motion, and states of matter. 



Students’ lives can be enriched by the enjoyment and meaning that the unique qualities of music can present them. Critical thinking skills and problem solving techniques, developed from learning music, can transfer to a variety of life experiences.  Self-discipline, creativity, and inventiveness fostered through music benefits not only students, but society. At St. Patrick Elementary, students participate in organized musical activities; they learn cooperation and awareness of their role in their community and their society.  This awareness allows students to appreciate not only their culture, but also the culture of others in their world.  In addition to general music education, the music department offers opportunities to participate in performances where students play a variety of instruments and sing as an ensemble.

Social Studies

Social Studies incorporates the study of people throughout time in their varied locations. 

6th Grade: World History

Students will study prehistoric, ancient, and modern societies throughout the world and through the extent of humanity beginning with human origins.


7th grade: Texas History

Students study the history, places, and peoples of the modern state of Texas. Topics include the first people to inhabit Texas, prehistoric cultures, European cultures in Texas, and crucial historic events leading to the current states, 


8th grade: US History

Students study the prehistory and history if the United States including the earliest human occupation of the continent, the development of the current nation, and social historic issues. 


English Language Arts

This course is designed to assist the student to become a creative writer that uses vivid description in all types of writing. Grammar and mechanical conventions are taught in order to ensure proper English usage. Vocabulary development is stressed so that the student can utilize a variety of expressive words correctly. Reading comprehension is also a guiding tenet to facilitate the student’s understanding of a variety of literary works.


6th Grade: The Old Testament 

  • Learn to manipulate the Bible

  • Learn ho to the different Hebrew books are out into sections-e.g. The Pentateuch

  • Study the history of God’s first Chosen People using these books.


7th Grade: The New Testament

  • Review how to use the Bible

  • Learn the titles of the 27 Books in the New testament-e.g. The Gospel of John, Revelation 

  • Study more about Jesus’ life using the Synoptic Gospels

  • Learn the land of Palestine in Jesus’ Time


8th: History of the Church

  • Learn about the important periods of the Church’s history 

  • Study the Vatican II Council

  • Review Catholic Beliefs-Sacraments 



6th Grade: 

  • PEMDAS, Decimals, and Fractions

  • One step equations

  • Areas and volumes

  • Probabilities

  • Statistics


7th Grade

  • Review areas and volumes

  • Review one step-equations

  • Two-step equations and inequalities

  • Rates, ratios, proportional relations

  • Trigonometry

  • Statistical Sampling

  • Linear Equations


8th Grade

  • Linear Equations

  • Solving Systems of Linear Equations

  • Transformations

  • Trigonometric Identities and Laws

  • Quadratic Equations

  • Standard Deviation

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