​☘ Faith

With Christ as our model, we emphasize the spiritual, intellectual, and physical development of each individual.

☘ Scholarship

All curriculum meets or exceeds state standards. The curriculum includes instruction in the areas of religion, language arts, science, mathematics, social studies, technology, health and physical education. It also includes art, foreign language, music and drama when feasible. 

☘ Leadership

We promote the intellectual growth by teaching courses that enable the success of students in their future endeavors. We build self-confident individuals that respect themselves and others in our society.

☘ Community

We promote the spiritual growth by instilling Christian attitudes and morals through Catholic doctrine, values and practices. We help students become giving and caring Christians recognizing each has a gift from God allowing them to help others in their community.

☘ Legacy

The Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross opened St. Patrick Cathedral School in the Fall of 1923 with 220 students in grades 1st through 7th. It was located in the community center at 1309 N. Stanton in what is now Cathedral High School. It was moved to the present location at 1111 N. Stanton in 1938. The Sisters of Loretto operated the school until 1976 when the first lay principal was appointed. Currently, the school houses 3k through 8th grade.


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